Announcing Theft Protection for Android Smartphones

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the mobile industry’s first consumer theft recovery solution, made possible with our technology on the upcoming release of the Android-based smartphone, the Samsung GALAXY S4.

Absolute Software, the makers of LoJack for Laptops, recently announced a global partnership with Samsung that will see our patented Absolute persistence technology embedded into the firmware of Samsung GALAXY mobile devices starting with the Samsung GALAXY S4.

Leveraging the same Absolute persistence technology used in LoJack for Laptops, once installed and activated it cannot be removed even if the device is restored to factory settings. When a protected Samsung GALAXY S4 is stolen the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team will work with law enforcement globally to get the device back. Users can also remotely lock, locate their device or delete sensitive files to prevent identity theft.

Smartphone theft is on the rise, more than 40 percent of all robberies in New York City involve smartphones and other cell phones. Other major US cities have similar statistics, with robberies involving cell phones comprising 30-40 percent of all robberies.

“With the rapid growth of smartphone use, mobile theft has increased extensively putting consumers at personal risk. I am thrilled we can provide consumers with a solution to address this serious issue,” said Mark Grace, Vice President, Consumer at Absolute Software. “With our consumer theft recovery solution installed and activated on Samsung GALAXY S4s, users can rest assured that their device can be recovered in the event it is stolen with the help of the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team, which has assisted in more than 29,000 successful recoveries in 98 countries.”

Theft Recovery on Samsung GALAXY S4s

This is the first ever smartphone that will come with firmware-level support for mobile theft, offering a more powerful solution to both lock down devices as well as potentially recover them. No other smartphone on the market can offer this level of protection.

  • Absolute persistence technology installed at the firmware level, which cannot be removed even if the device is wiped
  • Remote lock to deny potential identity thieves access to your smartphone and your data
  • Remote delete to prevent identity theft by erasing sensitive files, personal photos, financial information and stored passwords
  • Device recovery services by the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services Team, who have recovered more than 29,000 devices to date
The new consumer theft recovery solution for Android Samsung GALAXY S4 smartphones mirrors the technology and proven experience you have come to rely on with LoJack for Laptops.


The consumer theft recovery solution for Android smartphones will be available early Summer 2013 starting at $29.99 with several subscription options ranging from 1 year up to 4 years.

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