LoJack for Laptops Selected As Editor's Choice

Today PC Magazine revealed their lengthy review of our LoJack for Laptops product.  Their 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and being awarded as an Editor’s Choice selection, leaves our product as the best rated theft recovery software solution.

Here is a list of the pros, cons and bottom line from PC Magazine’s Lead Analyst for Security, Neil J. Rubenking (@neiljrubenking).

PROS: Does nothing until needed. When you report the laptop stolen the company’s experts recover it for you. Geolocation via IP address (GPS or WiFi in premium edition). Can remote-delete sensitive files. Persistence module survives reformat.

CONS: No option to retrieve, back up, or encrypt files from stolen laptop. Geolocation accuracy is coarse in non-premium edition.

BOTTOM LINE: Just as with LoJack for cars, LoJack for Laptops only kicks into action when you report a theft. At that time the company’s recovery experts take over the recovery process. On some laptops LoJack can even survive reformat or replacement of the hard drive.

The complete review can be found here on PC Magazine’s website.



  1. The last time I tried the tablet PC, I almost bought one. As an early adopter, I really like the idea, but I just couldn’t justify the expense. I spent some time with it and it was definitely neat concept. Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify the cost. Why not just scan you handwritten notes in?

  2. Brian,
    The pop ups can be removed by uninstalling the Notifier – this can be done from your “Uninstall Programs” list.

    Uninstalling the Notifier will not affect your LoJack for Laptops coverage or installation. You can learn more about the Notifier and how it works here: http://www.absolute.com/en/lojackforlaptops/offer/notifier.aspx

    If you need additional assistance you can also reach our support team at: http://www.absolute.com/en/support/consumer/contactus.aspx


  3. That was an top post. BTW I’ve bookmarked <a href="http://blog.lojackforlaptops.com/2011/06/lojack-for-laptops-selected-as-pc-magazine-editors-choice/“>LoJack for Laptops Selected As Editor’s Choice | Blog & Recovery Stories | LoJack for Laptops at Digg.com. 😉

  4. The constant sliding pop-ups were driving me Absolutely crazy. One can’t instantly get rid of them as the close button moves, so worse than regular pop-ups. I would highly recommend that anyone experiencing the same problem uninstall Abysmal Notifier.

    • William,
      Thanks for your comment. The close button should not move so I appreciate your feedback so I can get our technical team to look into it.

      As a reminder to you and other customers, the Notifier will allow you to perform tasks such as signing into your account, performing a Test Call or viewing your Last Call Date, however it is completely optional and is not needed for LoJack for Laptops to function. It first silently makes a connection to our Monitoring Centre and does not become visible if the computer is flagged as stolen (meaning a thief will not be tipped off about LoJack for Laptops being on the computer)

      It can be removed from the ‘Uninstall a program’ list (this affects only the Notifier – not the actual LoJack for Laptops, which cannot be uninstalled unless done so from your account)