Monitor Your Child’s Presence With SafetyWeb

If you’re at a loss about how to monitor what your child says online, a new service called SafetyWeb can help. The service, which has a monthly or annual cost, scans the web for public information about your child. You can search the web in a myriad of […]

Power Management Policies

You can’t really argue the value of computer power management – energy savings both boost your bottom line and your environmental karma. And though you may try to argue that power management policies are just too much of a hassle to implement, well – there’s not much of […]

207,000 at Risk After Laptop Theft

Who Breached: U.S. Army Reserves Number Affected: 207,000 Information breached: Social Security Numbers How: laptop theft In one of the larger reported data breaches to catch my eye so far in 2010 (there have been at least 264 breaches in 2010), a laptop containing the names, addresses and […]

Major iPhone Security Flaw Exposes Data

Corporations may want to take note of this piece of mobile security news. If you allow individuals within your corporation to use iPhones for corporate phones, you may want to issue a warning about a new security flaw that has been found and/or review your mobile security policy […]

Absolute Releases Energy Savings Tools

Absolute announced a brand new suite of tools for companies attempting to adopt Green practices. Essentially, the toolkit will help companies implement energy savings programs. The toolkit includes: a computer power management policy guide intuitive power savings calculator 60-minute webinar featuring a Gartner lifecycle management expert and a […]

Massachusetts Signs Cyberbullying Law

The Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, signed a new bill to address issues of cyberbullying. The law will prohibit actions that could cause either emotional or physical harm to students. By such definition, this would include harm from text messages or messages on the Internet. Governor Patrick signs […]

PDF Exploits Rising

According to the McAfee, exploits in Adobe’s PDF file format are climbing in 2010. Microsoft said that 46% of browser-based exploits during the latter half of 2009 were aimed at the free PDF reader, while McAfee reports that 28% of all malware is leveraging exploits in the reader. […]

Google Aims to Educate With Jarlsberg

Google Code University has just released Jarlsberg, a nifty little application designed to “beat the hackers at their own game.” Specifically, the “codelab shows how web application vulnerabilities can be exploited and how to defend against these attacks. The best way to learn things is by doing, so […]