Happy Earth Day – Turn Off Your Computers

Today, April 22, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary for Earth Day. And while computers have increased efficiencies, they’re contributing to some of the biggest wastes for businesses – both for the environment and the balance sheet. According to a report by Climate Savers Computing, “companies across the U.S. […]

MoD Data Loss in 2009 & 2010

The Ministry of Defence in the UK has just released statistics about the number of data loss incidents in 2009 and thus far in 2010. So far, the figures are down from those in 2008, but this arm of the government still suffered 347 data loss incidents in […]

Absolute Acquires FailSafe & Freeze

Last week Absolute announced that we have acquired the FailSafe and Freeze anti-theft technology assets from Phoenix Technologies. These purchases will enable us to make our asset management and security offerings even more comprehensive for businesses and consumers. FailSafe is a theft deterrence product that can protect, track, and […]

Effective Security Policies

Michael Overly of CSO Online put together a fantastic point-by-point explanation of how to draft more effective security policies. It’s a quick and dirty summation of key points you should consider in your policy creation process. In brief, they include: The policy should be understandable by all The […]

ABCs of Security

As a new mom myself, I have become immersed in the world of children’s songs… including the alphabet. So, perhaps that’s what drew me to Sam Curry’s “The Security Alphabet.” But, aside from the mom angle, it’s simply a smart way to make security more “fun”, don’t you […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign Challenge

The Department of Homeland Security has put together a National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign Challenge. This challenge is one of the ways the DHS, along with organizations, has come up with to help find ways to raise public awareness of cybersecurity through the National Cyber Security Alliance. The competition […]

Hacking Weak Passwords

John Pozadzides has put together a great post about how he’d hack weak passwords – passwords that could unlock one, or all, of the logins you use online… for your email, your banks, and just about everything. He put together this list so that you can understand how […]

8 Layers of Security for your Computer

IT Business Edge put together a list of 8 Layers of Security that Every Computer Should Have. Rather than simply looking at 8 solutions to computer security, this list challenges you to think of security in terms of how you’re trying to protect yourself from different risks to […]