Massachusetts Signs Cyberbullying Law

The Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, signed a new bill to address issues of cyberbullying. The law will prohibit actions that could cause either emotional or physical harm to students. By such definition, this would include harm from text messages or messages on the Internet. Governor Patrick signs […]

PDF Exploits Rising

According to the McAfee, exploits in Adobe’s PDF file format are climbing in 2010. Microsoft said that 46% of browser-based exploits during the latter half of 2009 were aimed at the free PDF reader, while McAfee reports that 28% of all malware is leveraging exploits in the reader. […]

Google Aims to Educate With Jarlsberg

Google Code University has just released Jarlsberg, a nifty little application designed to “beat the hackers at their own game.” Specifically, the “codelab shows how web application vulnerabilities can be exploited and how to defend against these attacks. The best way to learn things is by doing, so […]

Crimeware on the Rise

According to Kaspersky Labs, crimeware (financial malware) attacking the financial sector is on the rise – explosively so, if you look at the trends from 2003 to present. More and more frequently these days, we hear about successful attacks perpetrated by the cybercriminals against the clients of financial […]

Tracking Stolen Laptops with Computrace

FOX Files recently did a story on tracking stolen laptops using Absolute Software’s Computrace. The story highlights a specific case study in a Pattonville High School involving a stolen computer. The story focuses on how the use of laptop tracking software helps the school district to protect a […]

Absolute Manage a Finalist for ABA Award

Aside from being a finalist for the People’s Choice Steve Award (don’t forget to vote!!), Absolute Software‘s computer configuration lifecycle management service, Absolute Manage, is a finalist in the 2010 American Business Awards! Absolute Manage is a finalist in the New Product or Service of the Year – […]

Identity Theft Is Important

Chris Jay Hoofnagle of the University of California wrote a paper for the School of Law entitled “Internalizing Identity Theft.” This paper, using publicly available data, shows how companies often accept erroneous personal information from identity theft impostors when issuing credit. These decisions to accept inaccurate information has […]

Smartphones are an ITAM Headache

A discussion at Interop about wireless and mobile technology revealed that smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming a headache in terms of IT management. While computers may be company-issued, smartphones are often employee-purchased. That leaves companies with multiple types of phones / operating systems all expecting access […]