Using Wi-Fi Hotspots More Securely

Given the big news that Wi-Fi is now free in Starbucks locations across the US and Canada, we’ll probably be seeing an increase in business and personal business done in Starbucks locations. Since this carries with it big risks for data to be leaked, as we’ve talked about […]

College Grads & Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission has put together a list of ‘Tips for Tomorrow’s Savvy Consumers,’ a special hand-out of How to be the Class Value-dictorian. In plain English: how to protect yourself from Identity Theft when you graduate from high school or college and enter the “marketplace”, as […]

Try Absolute Products Free!

Screenshot only – see below  for links Curious about Absolute Manage or Computrace but aren’t yet ready to commit? Well, give us a go for free! You can view our demo and/or an evaluation of our product. Absolute Manage: Demo or Download Evaluation Computrace: Demo or Guided Evaluation A one-time […]

Teens Still Over-Share Info

According to a new survey from McAfee and Harris Interactive, “The Secret Life of Teens,” American teenagers are still over-sharing their personal information online. “Keeping kids safe no longer only means teaching them about the dangers of alcohol or how to deal with a school bully,” said Tracy […]

Laptop Theft Affects 24,000

Who Breached: A4e Number Affected: 24,000 Information breached: personal information How: laptop theft A4e, a training company based in the UK, put out a news release regarding a data theft concerning data for clients in Hull and Leicester. 24,000 were potentially affected by this data theft, the cause […]

Human Error Top in Healthcare Data Risk

Healthcare CIOs recently sat on an e-healthy panel at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge. The panel was of the consensus that human error would continue to cause data breaches despite advances in security technologies. The panel believes that users must fully understand the risks involved with […]

Canada Introduces Anti-Spam Bill, Changes to PIPEDA

The Canadian government is proposing changes to the privacy law and there is controversy about whether all of these proposed changes are a good thing. The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of State (Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions […]

Cybercrime Abounds in UK

According to a study from CPP, there is a cybercrime victim every 7 seconds in the UK and more than 420,000 scam emails are sent every hour within the country. The report estimates that 3.7 billion phishing emails targeting Brits were sent in the last 12 months. According […]