Malware via Hacked Sites Growing

According to the latest Websense State of Internet Security report [PDF] and the Sophos Security Threat report for the first half of 2008, hacked websites are being infected with malware at an ever-increasing rate. The Sophos report indicates that the website infection rate is three times faster, with […]

Government Laptops Mostly Unencrypted

According to a new Information Security report [PDF] from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), 70% of the 24 major federal agencies surveyed last summer had not yet installed encryption technologies on laptops and handheld devices. The report, which highlights data gathered from July – September 2007, indicates […]

Data Breach Roundup

In the week since I last checked, there have been some notable data breaches. Rather than detail them in individual articles, here are the fast facts for some of the larger breaches: Who Breached: Tinley Park Village Hall Number Affected: 20,400 Information breached: Social Security Numbers Details: […]

Technology Standards for Teachers

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has released the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) 2nd edition. This 2008 edition is updated from one released in 2000 and sets the bar for integration of technology into education. While the 1st edition focused on concepts, knowledge and skills, […]

Guidelines for Mobile Security

The National Institute of Standards has released a new draft of recommended guidelines on cell phone & PDA security, helping companies to navigate this overlooked area of data security. Mobile devices pose an increasingly large risk to data security. Lost or stolen laptops are currently one of the […]

Ministry of Defence Doubles Lost Laptop Figure

The U.K. Ministry of Defence has revealed some startling figures about laptop loss for the last four years: 659 laptops have been reported stolen and 89 lost. These figures contradict earlier investigations by the Ministry of Defence that put the new figures at double previous figures. Of the […]

Data Security in Higher Education

SC Magazine has published an article about data security and higher education, written by Josh Shaul of Application Security. The article examines the importance of balancing the need for the free exchange of information with data security risks. As Josh Shaul points out, enterprise security systems are not […]

IT Leaders Fear Data Loss on IM

The results of a survey that Osterman Research did for FaceTime Communicators indicates that nearly 40% of IT staff surveyed believe that unintentional leaks by employees pose a bigger threat to data security than spyware or malware. 57% of those surveyed believe their corporate data is not adequately […]