Whether it’s encouraging innovative product ideas in a hackathon or protecting an organization’s dark endpoints with our self-healing endpoint security solutions, we celebrate and encourage creativity and innovation. That philosophy also extends to Absolute’s headquarters — most recently with an interesting and artistic nod to Triskaidekaphobia: The irrational fear of the number 13…

We decided to transform an uninspired area into a unique creative space that features a revolving selection of local artists — thanks to a unique collaboration between the Vancouver Art Gallery/Vancouver Art Rental & Sales and Absolute’s creative team. Inspired by triskaidekaphobia, the installation is located — where else? — in a stairwell between the 12th and 14th floors of our Vancouver headquarters.

Check out the video, and see for yourself how we created our own “13th Floor” to celebrate the irreverent — and inspire employee creativity:


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Cloud-based security technology firm Absolute Software is based in downtown Vancouver. Their offices span either side of what would be the 13th floor, however as is the case in many buildings, the 13th floor was omitted and jumps straight from 12th to 14th. Absolute has a staircase passing through what would be the 13th floor – and instead of leaving it empty, they have created a "Thirteenth Floor Gallery". The Gallery makes the space more interesting for employees and clients, and is also a way for Absolute to support local artists and the Vancouver Art Gallery through the AR&S program. Thank you Absolute Software for your continued support! #yvr #yvrarts #AbsoluteSoftware #supportlocal #vanartrental

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