Traditional endpoint security solutions that rely on a fallible agent is an inadequate line of defense – this isn’t news to most. For security that survives attacks you need to go deeper, to the firmware, allowing today’s dynamic endpoints to self-heal and impenetrable to negligent users or attackers. At Absolute, we can lay out this value claim but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. In a commissioned study,  independent research firm Forrester Consulting found that Absolute can deliver a 146% ROI over three years, speeds incident remediation, and significantly reduces the risk of security breaches.

“Every second counts when it comes to the time-to-know aspect of security incidents. Organizational data might be stolen as a responder is still solving the issue. Having Absolute is the safety net that allows organizations to freeze the endpoint to stem any damage and then remediate and return the endpoint to productivity.” –   The Total Economic Impact™ Of Absolute, 2018 Study, Forrester Consulting

The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Of Absolute study of 2018 examines the cost benefits and time savings of deploying the Absolute platform for endpoint and data security, compliance and remediation. Backed by in-depth analysis of five longtime enterprise customers that includes a multi-national CPG provider, a healthcare organization, a public infrastructure company, a global consulting firm and corporate legal services, Forrester has quantified the value provided by Absolute to give organizations a framework for evaluating the costs and benefits associated with deploying the endpoint security platform.

Absolute’s underlying Persistence technology is the only endpoint visibility and control solution that provides companies with a self-healing connection between endpoints and IT professionals, ensuring endpoint agents remain present and healthy. Before using Absolute, interviewed organizations were unable to provide endpoint visibility or control, often resulting in dark endpoints, compliance failures and regulatory ramifications. Forrester’s TEI provides a benchmark for the quantified present value benefits of the Absolute platform, which includes:

  • 1,260 hours saved by IT help desk annually
  • 2,520 hours saved by IT security operations annually on incident response
  • A savings of $534,584 in time and efficiency gains over three years
  • Reduced IT asset and data losses equating to $939,060

In addition to these quantifiable benefits, interviewed organizations experienced near-instant validation of security posture to make compliance audits easier and greater time savings thanks to the automated script delivery and execution available from Absolute Reach . Over three years, Forrester estimates a net present value (NPV) of $2.1 million and an ROI of 146%, allowing organizations to realize payback on the Absolute platform in less than six months.

“There’s nothing else out there that gives us that complete visibility of our devices. . . . And it’s very much an insurance policy for us, knowing that, as much as we protect our data, should the devices disappear, we can safely say to our clients, ‘The data has been wiped; you don’t need to worry.” – InfoSec manager, corporate legal services company

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with visibility they can count on to eliminate blind spots, reduce risks, protect data, ensure compliance and remediate incidents faster. We thank our clients for sharing their stories with Forrester so that we could better understand real examples of breaches that were prevented and assets that were better managed.

If you would like to explore the real value of deploying an endpoint visibility and control platform, check out our webinar. Guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst Chris Sherman and Director of IT for Greenville Health Systems, Chris Schmidt share their insights and experiences.