Absolute News Summary: Week of March 20th
Absolute News Summary: Week of March 20th

Last week’s security news focused on forward-thinking topics and examined the evolution of threats and cyber attacks and the introduction of new technologies. Read on to see our take on some of the hottest topics in security…



Dark Reading: IoT & Liability & How Organizations Can Hold Themselves Accountable

The number of devices with IP connectivity continues to grow at a breakneck pace. The problem is that the number of skilled security professionals and security solutions available for organizations to monitor and manage these devices doesn’t scale to match. In this Dark Reading article, Richard Henderson, global security strategist at Absolute, discusses five ways organizations can better understand the state of their infrastructure and the devices and applications within it. With greater visibility over every IoT device on the company network, organizations can stay ahead of IoT liabilities:

“This increased level of visibility is no longer optional — it is a de facto requirement in today’s networks to ensure you have the full risk picture and to prove compliance obligations in an increasingly regulated environment. It must include a comprehensive plan to collect and analyze event data, as well as monitor, discover, and react to assets as they appear on your network.”

IT Pro Portal: How Bad Endpoint Security Can Leave IT Pros Flying Blind

Many organizations consider it to be only a matter of time before they fall victim to a cyber attack. In a new article on IT Pro Portal, Absolute’s Richard Henderson discusses the challenges that companies face in securing the modern work environment and the need to adapt to changing vulnerabilities with complete visibility and self-healing, secure endpoints:

“It’s clear that endpoint vulnerabilities have changed. Organisations need to therefore adapt their security provisions if they’re to stand up to today’s persistent and well-equipped cybercriminals.”

eSecurity Planet: Endpoint Security & Preventing Threats on Devices Connected to Your Network

Endpoints are often the weakest link in data security, with insider threats and cyber attacks exploiting security weaknesses in the endpoint as a means to enter the network. eSecurity Planet’s Sue Poremba explores the current state of endpoint security and the top challenges facing organizations in protecting the endpoint. Richard Henderson shared commentary on the importance of visibility in protecting the endpoint from potential threats:

“Many organizations struggle to gain a comprehensive state of full visibility. Without full visibility, it’s impossible to have security. You can’t determine the security controls, security effectiveness and vulnerability posture of endpoints you can’t see or manage.”

CBR Online: Abta Data Breach – Thousands of Holidaymakers Hit in Massive Cyber Attack

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) was one of many organizations to come forward this week to disclose a major data breach, with as many as 43,000 people at risk. In CBR Online, Richard Henderson shared his thoughts on the growing complexity of data breach resolution — which involves remediating internal threats — as well as addressing the ramifications these breaches have on partners and associates:

“As this threat rises, businesses are under growing pressure to not only support and protect their own network, but also that of their partners’ – the financial and reputational risks are simply too high not to. Unsurprisingly, this is causing multiple headaches for IT departments, which will ultimately turn to migraines once GDPR is enforced next year.

Indeed, as the attack surface continues to expand with the growing number of partners and endpoints, it’s crucial that businesses take responsibility when protecting their critical assets and have full insight into who holds their data and where.”

SecurityNOW Podcast: Current Trends – and What Enterprises Can Do Differently

Absolute’s Richard Henderson joined Ken Hess, former ZDNet reporter, for his recently launched podcast, SecurityNOW. Richard and Ken discussed current enterprise security trends, including looking at what enterprises are doing differently now to secure their environments versus a few years ago.

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