Absolute’s Bob Lyle Named Deputy Chair to GSMA Device Security Group
Absolute’s Bob Lyle Named Deputy Chair to GSMA Device Security Group

Bob Lyle, Vice President of Mobile at Absolute, was recently appointed Deputy Chair of the Device Security Group, part of the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG). GSMA is a global organization designed to convene and improve the mobile industry, with the FASG working on a range of topics including mobile device and application security, mobile malware, cloud service risks and controls and consumer protections.

The aim of the FASG is to continuously assess the global fraud and security threat landscape and to help drive adoption of architectures, services and solutions to improve the detection and response to risks. As Deputy Chair of the Device Security Group (DSG), Bob will be working to help address device theft and anti-theft measures in handsets, vulnerability disclosures and cross-platform and cross-sector security issues.

Bob Lyle has over 20 years of experience in enterprise and mobile device spaces, both on the software and hardware side, including playing a lead role in starting the Samsung Mobile Apps Processor business. At Absolute, Bob has been responsible for managing and growing our collaborations with mobile device OEMs and global Operators to reduce fraud and increase security and has been working alongside industry standards groups to lead innovation in the mobile security space.

Addressing current and future mobile security threats

I recently sat down with Bob to talk about his new role and the goals of the DSG, which includes other GSMA member experts in International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) security, handset theft and device security. He explained challenges of the current and future mobile security environments, where a mix of devices with different OS versions, BYOD, and a diverse Android ecosystem bring both flexibility and risk to the enterprise.

“This flexibility can lead to risk and OS fragmentation, making it more difficult to manage and secure these devices or assess a device in isolation to address vulnerabilities and reduce the risks of breaches… Attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeting the weakest points in layered defenses—the dark or invisible endpoint.”

Within the DSG, Bob will be addressing mobile device security with operators, OEMs and vendors from around the globe to improve the initial provisioning of devices to better protect data, applications, devices and users as well as tackle counterfeiting, mobile malware, enhancements to software update requirements, critical safety concerns for IoT and much more.

We congratulate Bob on this new role and are excited to be a part of setting a new bar for mobile security here at Absolute.