Absolute Busts Shady Store – Twice in One Day

10 days after theft, Absolute had identified the user and location of a stolen laptop and facilitated its recovery. A little detective work uncovered that the laptop’s current user was no thief at all– he had innocently purchased the machine days prior from a local computer shop. To ensure that he was refunded for this shady transaction, police escorted the man to the store’s customer service department.

With a little encouragement from a friendly officer, the store offered the man a full refund.  They even sold him another second-hand machine, for what they assured him was a ‘great price’. Unfortunately, a quick check of the laptop’s serial number revealed that it was hardly worth the discount – it too was a stolen item.  As were several other items on store shelves. The computer shop in now out  thousands of dollars, and has more than a few questions to answer…

Indictments and criminal complaints are unproven accusations and the accused in all cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Absolute provides persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our customers rely on us to provide them with a unique and trusted layer of security so they can manage mobility while remaining firmly in control. By providing them with a persistent connection to all of their devices, our customers can secure endpoints, assess risk, and respond appropriately to security incidents.


  1. I am glad to here of the progress. It will make theives think twice hopefully. Now all of the gaming systems need to have lojack instead of registration. My house was broken in this past Jan. right after christmas and all the new games and gaming systems were stolen. They have not been found. I think all electronics should have lojack. Thank you lojack for all our computers safety!!!

  2. I am so glad that I have Lojack For Laptop on my system because of people like the ones in this article. I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. I just read someone registered all their computers. my laptop came with a free subscription to lojack for a specific ammount of time,then I have to renew it. However, while I have this subscription, can I add my deskktop to my free subscription also, or do I have to pay to add another computer?

  4. @Willem,

    Thanks for your post!

    The BIOS persistence we enjoy with many computer models means that our software is able to survive a hard drive format or replacement. For a full list of models, check the list at http://www.absolute.com/en/partners/bios-compatibility.aspx.

    Also, if a person tries to install a copy of LoJack for Laptops on a computer with an existing license, it will create a conflict with our records and the installation will fail.

    Andy Lee
    Global Support Team Lead

  5. Would any of you mind telling more details about the theft and any advice you might have to NOT have our computers stolen?
    Thanks and good luck! Also, LoJack… is there no way that a computer geek can figure out how to disable the lojack?

    • @Sue,
      While we can’t say that it is technically impossible for someone to remove LoJack for Laptops, the level of expertise required would make this very unlikely in most real life situations. Also, our software is designed to be stealthy, meaning that a thief using the computer will likely not even be aware of the existence of LoJack for Laptops on the machine.

      As far as tips for keeping your computer safe:
      1. Keep laptops in a backpack or some other kind of general purpose bag, rather than a specialized computer case that says, “Hey, there’s a laptop in here!”
      2. Avoid leaving your laptop lying around unsecured or uncovered, even “just for a minute.” A minute is all it takes.
      3. Protect your computer with a password and change it regularly.
      4. Be aware that most computers-desktops AND laptops-are stolen from residences. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because your laptop rarely leaves your house, apartment or dorm room.

      Kelly Curnow
      LoJack for Laptops Marketing Manager

  6. I’m glad the Recovery Team is so on top of things. I too hope I never have to use their service, but if I do I will be sure they will do a thorough job.

    Go Recovery Team & kudos to the Reps for joining us.

    I just renewed for a few more years. 🙂

  7. We have all our computers listed with Lo-Jack and these kind of actions gives some peace of mind.
    As I see that the organization behind this technology is reading the messages as well, I have a question: Suppose a computer is stolen and disk is wiped out. When the new owner, decides to install Lo-Jack (He may be concerned as well), when the software registers itself, you will recognize the computer has been transfered illegally to a new owner?

  8. why do people even sell second hand laptops?

  9. I finally bought a new computer for mothers day, 1 month after it was stolen along with all of our other electronics. I had the serial #’s for everything, but had not installed lojack at that time. Due to the way they entered, our insurance didn’t cover anything, so we lost it all. I bought the same computer the next day and installed lojack, and after reading these posts, am glad that I have done so.

  10. Glad to hear this news! My computer was stolen April 19th. I had to purchase a new computer… I have LoJack again, but have lost faith.

  11. Two Thumbs Up! Also nice to see the reps read the comments, Two More Thumbs Up!

    I hope I never need to use the service, but looks like I will be renewing in a couple of months!

  12. Im sorry to hear about the store loss but they should be more careful about what they accept from people. My PC was stolen from my home as well, and im believe a friend stole it but it hasnt been proven yet. I wish to know if the person did it or not. I want my pc back. I miss it like crazy even though I purchased a new one a week later. Wish to have my baby back in my arms and underneath my fingers soon.

  13. Hi Dorothy!

    Thanks very much for posting the comment. I can assure you, we still have your computer listed as stolen in our database. As soon as it connects to the internet and contacts our monitoring center we will investigate and attempt to recover it.

    You can always check the status of your theft file by logging in to your LoJack account here: https://lojackforlaptops.absolute.com/Login.aspx.

    Gabrielle Plé
    Team Lead – Recovery Services

  14. I am glad these people were busted they are the kind of people that deserve jail time for stealing or facilitating theft from honest hardworking people. I have not had to use my lojack but it makes me feel better knowing I have it especially with the data erase feature peace of mind.

  15. I am so glad that these people laptops were located. I’m still hoping that mine will be recovered also. I purchased it in December, it was stolen in February, and the theif has not been caught. The insurance had to cover the loss, but I still would like to know who broke into my home and stole it.

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