Absolute Software Data Security Survey

Absolute Software recently surveyed its corporate and consumer customers about data security. The survey was completed by 402 corporate customers and 1842 consumer customers.

The survey found that computers have been lost without company awareness, and that such losses are costly. Companies who use Computrace reported a better ability to manage computer assets. For consumers, identity theft and the cost of losing a computer rank as important reasons for using laptop recovery software. However, most consumers do not take other precautions against laptop theft, such as encryption or password-protection.

John Livingston, chairman and CEO of Absolute Software, has this to say:

“Most of us store personal information, banking records, credit card information, passwords and other sensitive data that could be used to harm us if it falls into the wrong hands. For businesses, a lost or stolen computer can lead to the intense media scrutiny associated with a data breach. Consumers who experience the loss of a computer may be at increased risk for identity theft and often lose irreplaceable photos, records and music collections.”

Here are some highlights from the corporate survey:

  • 62% of companies believe missing computers go unnoticed
  • 20% believe data has been breached without company awareness
  • 20% of companies have experienced a data breach ; 61% of those breaches are attributed to employee error or misconduct
  • 16% believe a significant breach can cost $1 million dollars or more
  • 83% of companies indicate they are better able to manage their computers with Computrace (to deter theft & recover missing computers)
  • Data loss is 39% confidential business information, 22% employee information, 22% customer information, 16% Social Security Numbers

For more results from the corporate survey, read here.

From the consumer survey, results indicate that 20% of people know of someone who has had a computer lost or stolen. Concerns about lost computers were, in order of importance: losing their hardware, having someone steal their identity, losing files/data and having unauthorized persons access their files.

Read more from the consumer survey here.

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