User-Centric IT in Healthcare

User-Centric IT in Healthcare

Mike Rice, the Healthcare Business Development Manager here at Absolute Software, recently was published in the Health management Technology Magazine, for February 2013. The article, “User-centric IT: It’s about the user… then the device,” talks about how healthcare organizations can develop a successful mobility strategy to accommodate IT and the end user, regardless if the environment is COPE, BYOD or a mix.

According to our whitepaper, healthcare providers are making headway on mobile strategies that incorporate BYOD but the management of healthcare information continues to be a concern. Balancing the desires of employees to simplify their working lives with the device of their choice with concerns for management and security is a challenge all organizations have to face.

In the article, Mike discusses the changing face of healthcare, which has been altered by a shift in business priorities, government mandates and healthcare options, and how this affects mobility programs.

“If users are properly supported, and access to data is effectively managed, the device is simply the result of the program. By understanding how the employee will use the device, IT will be able to determine details of strategy, including individual credentials, permissions, appropriate configuration profiles and acceptable protocols in the event of a security incident. Once users are satisfied, it will be easier for IT to control sensitive healthcare data while providing employees with the flexibility they need to do their jobs well and efficiently.”

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  1. Arieanna excellent article; such a hot topic IT healthcare security of course being the most important aspect. HIPAA has teeth and loss of information is simply not acceptable.