Identity Theft Happens More Than You'd Think

Identity theft was one of the top 10 complaints with the FTC for the 13th consecutive year, though there was a 32% increase in complaints in 2012, up to 2 million. In 2012, approximately 16.6 million persons, or 7% of all U.S. residents age 16 or older, reported being victims of one or more incidents of identity theft, though estimates vary by source.

Zone Alarm recently put together an infographic on identity theft, highlighting some of the facts about identity theft. In particular, the infographic helps send home that identity theft is not a crime for unsavvy Internet users, but rather a crime that affects the so-called savvy group, aged 20-29, more than any other. Looking to the source of identity theft, the top locations include malware and hacking, card skimming, mailbox raiding, dumpster diving, purse / wallet snatching (which includes device theft) and phishing.

Infographic from Zone alarm on the identity theft epidemic

It’s important to protect your information, no matter where it resides, be it paper or electronic. Follow our tips on How You Can Prevent Identity Theft, which covers device & online security as well as paper security. When it comes to devices, keep in mind the types of data you store may increase your risk of identity theft. To protect yourself in the event of theft, arm your devices with Absolute LoJack, allowing you to lock your device, delete sensitive information, and recover your stolen device.

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