Travel Tips to Avoid Device Theft

Travel Tips to Avoid Device Theft

Tips to secure devices during travel from Absolute LoJack.Travel-related locations make up a large proportion of our Top Theft Locations: hotels, cars, transit, restaurants and cafes, airports, and malls. With your devices on hand, in your luggage or in your hotel room, you’re presented with a number of increased risks for device theft and subsequent data theft. Having your device stolen is always a pain (especially if you lose valuable data or become an ID theft victim), but it’s so much worse when traveling.

As we’ve done in the past, Lifehacker recently summarized some of their top tips for security your laptops while traveling. We’ll summarize their general points and add in some more device safety tips to keep you secure while you travel:

  • Use a solid bag that fits your use scenario and won’t get in the way of keeping your laptop secure
  • Keep your device with you, even for bathroom trips!
  • Use your hotel’s Do Not Disturb sign (see our other hotel security tips)
  • Use a cable lock
  • Keep tabs on your laptop with Absolute LoJack
  • Use common sense on when to use your device
  • Back up everything, both before you go and regularly while away
  • Cover basic security such as antivirus, anti malware, good password practices, browser protection, and common sense online security tips
  • Use a VPN
  • Slim down your data before you travel
  • Encrypt sensitive data, or keep it off your system

We love to add our own thoughts, particularly on the importance of security at airports. Keep in mind, according to our own investigations, 25% of devices stolen from airports are stolen from the luggage / storage area, 24% are stolen on the airplane, 18% are stolen at check-in / security area, and 15% are stolen in the terminal / boarding area. If you have a smartphone, we have travel tips just for you.

Follow our 9 Steps for Device Safety for Traveling and follow the sage advice in the above article – install Absolute LoJack for the best return policy in the business – plus, we think locking out thieves and remotely deleting your data is a handy little trick 😉

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