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A Look Back at Predictions for Mobile in 2015

For the past several years, we have created Predictions for Mobile for the year ahead. Before we look forward to 2016, let’s first look back at 2015 and see where we stand. In late 2014, our Predictions for Mobile in 2015 projected a shifting perception of the need for data-based security, which indeed has intensified throughout the year with added pressures and risks now associated with endpoint devices.

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BYOD Still Remains Unchecked

One of the largest data security risks for most organizations continues to be mobile devices. Each employee may have 3 or 4 endpoint devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – which are connecting to the corporate network or contain sensitive data. Many of these devices are personally-owned, and whether supported by an official BYOD policy or not, these devices are increasing the potential points of ingress for cyber criminals. Given the scope of the threat, one would expect that managing the endpoint would receive greater priority within IT security, but data indicates even basic precautions are still being overlooked.

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Shadow IT: A Growing Threat You Can’t Ignore

Shadow IT, the use of technology systems and solutions without the explicit approval of the organization, can no longer be swept under the table and ignored. Nor should it be applauded, for while employees are showing initiative in embracing apps and technologies to improve their productivity, they do so by putting corporate data at risk. Shadow IT is happening right now in your organization, you just don’t know it. Your data is at risk, or could even be breached already, and you don’t know it. At least not yet.

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BYOD Decreasing in Popularity

BYOD has proven challenging for many organizations, with up to 20% of current BYOD programs set to fail within 2 years. BYOD programs often fail because security standards are set too strictly, so employees are not following them. While at face value BYOD seems to offer employees freedom and choice, its implementation has often been either unmonitored or over-monitored. It’s a difficult balance for IT, and one made more difficult by the variety of devices and operating systems presented under a purely BYOD scenario.

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Mobile Devices Now First Choice in the UK

Millennials, the so-called “Digital Natives,” are the first generation to grow up with technology and, in 10 years, will account for 75% of the workforce. Millennials are already shifting the workplace, with smartphones glued to their sides and demands to work whenever and wherever they want. According to a new report in the UK, smartphones are now the preferred device for going online, overtaking laptops for the first time.

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