Author: Ali Solehdin

Shine a Light on Dark Data at Endpoints

With the recent launch of Absolute DDS 6, we unveiled a new feature that provides an unprecedented level of visibility into data on the endpoint. Absolute Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD), which comes as part of Absolute DDS, allows organizations to specify the at-risk or proprietary data that they want to identify so it can be tracked, on any endpoint, with the ability to take actions oon those endpoints if needed.

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Why the Endpoint is a Huge Security Threat

There was a time when IT security conversations were all about the network, with a focus on monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predefined security rules. By adding more walls and watching everything that entered and left the network, IT could safeguard corporate infrastructure and data. The endpoint was an afterthought—throw in some anti-virus, and maybe some encryption, then call it a day. Everything has changed.

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