Author: Ryan St. Hilaire

Best Practices Not Cutting It for Data Security

Organizations that follow data security “best practices” may think they are prepared to prevent data breaches, but in 2014 we saw over 1 billion records compromised by some of the largest – and presumably best prepared – organizations. It only takes one single device or point of entry to potentially expose millions of records. Data breaches are happening at an accelerated pace and only those organizations who adopt a holistic approach to data security, updated and adapted regularly, will stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

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Going on the Offensive to Combat Internal Threats in the Mobile World

Insider threats are not new; 37% of organizations experienced cybercrime involving an insider in 2014. Among all incidents, insiders posed the biggest threat to the intentional theft or exposure of confidential records (76%) and consumer records (71%). Although some of these issues are associated with deliberate acts, it’s usually unintentional behaviour or negligence – disabling encryption, losing a device – that pose the greatest risk.

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