Richard Henderson, global security strategist for Absolute, spoke today at BSides Vancouver 2017, a gathering of information security professionals, hackers, coders and stakeholders in the greater technology community.

Richard formed his presentation — “Around the World in 80 Gigs: What Really Happens When a Device is Stolen?” — around real life examples of theft and criminal activity related to corporate devices that we’ve seen here at Absolute, sharing some of our most interesting theft cases. Not all devices are wiped and pawned — and sometimes the real life stories are better than going to the movies!

The commoditization of mobile devices has made devices largely disposable these days: Users simply don’t care about ‘things’ the way they used to. With the proliferation of devices and the explosion of theft cases, there are simply not enough law enforcement resources to pursue the vast majority of theft cases. As a result, stolen devices are everywhere.

What happens when these devices contain sensitive personal or corporate information? What happens if that device is not simply wiped and pawned, but mined for valuable data and credentials? With our team of ex-law enforcement, FBI, military, and homeland security pros, we dig into real life theft scenarios with alarming insights. We’ve uncovered everything, from employees reading emails from their boss’ computer to criminal rings and even child pornography.

Photo credit: @BSidesVancouver