Do You Have a Dark Endpoint Problem?
Do You Have a Dark Endpoint Problem?

Endpoint blind spots are large – and growing. According to the recent Cost of Insecure Endpoints study by Ponemon, 53% reported malware infected endpoints had increased in volume in the past 12 months alone and 63% said they could not monitor company endpoints once they left the corporate network. More attacks and less visibility is a recipe for disaster of course: it puts your data at great risk and gives cause to non-compliance problems, just to name two inevitable issues.

Most data breaches can be stopped, but security pros have to first know what they have and when to apply the correct remediation. But, because you can’t patch what you can’t see, visibility becomes key. For more on the current state of endpoints and thoughts on how to improve your overall security posture, watch this short presentation I recently gave at the Forrester Privacy and Security Conference in Washington D.C.

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