New Absolute 7 Platform Extends Endpoint Visibility and Control
New Absolute 7 Platform Extends Endpoint Visibility and Control

Today we are pleased to announce Absolute 7, the next generation enterprise security solution that empowers IT and security professionals to see, manage, and secure every endpoint, everywhere. With the addition of Absolute Reach technology, IT security teams can execute any action on any endpoint device, on or off network, at scale with incredible simplicity and immediacy.

Absolute 7 delivers the power to assess current patch and version profiles and take remedial actions across an entire endpoint population in just a few clicks. This real-time capability is critical in the rapidly evolving endpoint visibility and control market as dark endpoints, those that have gone rogue or become invisible to administrators, are a breeding ground for costly security breaches.

The Absolute Platform, featuring Reach technology, is unlike traditional endpoint security solutions that are constrained by network dependencies and contingent upon healthy endpoint agents. Only Absolute can leverage Persistence technology, already embedded in the firmware of over a billion popular endpoint devices, to support an always-connected model with an efficient point-to-point tether to every device, on and off the network.

With enterprises under constant attack, Absolute Reach acts as a “force multiplier,” providing an always-connected level of endpoint visibility and control to every endpoint in their fleet. In the example of the recent WannaCry attacks, Absolute customers can quickly deploy scripts to identify the exact patch level required to address the existing vulnerability level and then quickly deploy the approved scripts onto devices. This level of deep and persistent awareness reduces the vulnerability and can contain these emerging threats while instantly validating compliance for the enterprise.

Absolute 7 featuring Reach technology gives IT and security professionals the power to:

  • Evaluate and enhance security posture: Leverage always-on visibility and control over endpoints and data to evaluate exposure risk and prove compliance
  • Eliminate blind spots: Remediate known vulnerabilities in near real-time to reduce risk through maintenance and compliance validation
  • Custom command execution: Fast asset management queries, inventory, audits
  • Remediate on-demand: Script once and deploy everywhere to proactively address emerging threats
  • Ready access to scripts on demand: Upload any custom code or leverage Absolute’s growing library of verified and actionable prebuilt scripts

With Absolute, no endpoint device, the most vulnerable enterprise attack vector, will ever go dark. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit